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VPHOP Monthly Newsletter


The Osteoporotic Virtual Physiological Human Newsletter: February 2010 issue.

Latest News

  • ICT 2010: Call for Exhibit Proposals
    The ICT 2010 Exhibition will cover, in over 5000 square meters, Europe's latest cutting edge ICT research results. The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the latest work and concrete results in upstream ICT as well as close-to-market projects.
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  • VPHOP gets international: NMS Physiome kicks-off
    Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Physiome, or NMS Physiome for short, officially started on January 27th, 2010. This is a VPH Internationalisation cooperation project between the European integrated project VPHOP, and the United States NIH Center for physics-based Simulation of Biological Structures, SIMBIOS.
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  • First VPH Conference from 30th September to 1st October 2010: call for papers
    The Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence (VPH NoE) will hold the first of a series of VPH Conferences (VPH2010) on 30th September to 1st October, 2010. The first meeting will be held in Brussels, Belgium, and is supported by the European Commission ICT for Health / DG Information Society and Media
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  • Declaration to simplify European Research Funding
    Do you agree that the administrative burden and the financial regulation of European research funding should be simplified? Sign this declaration and invite others to join!
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  • 'Virtual cell' could bring benefits of simulation to biology
    Markus Covert is close to completing a computer model of the microbe Mycoplasma genitalia, a sexually-trasnmitted parasite. The bug is ideal for virtual re-creation because of its simplicity: only 521 coding regions.
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  • OpenSim 2.0 has just been released
    The OpenSim software is now freely available to the biomechanics research community and enables computer modeling and simulation of human and animal movement.
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Forthcoming Events

  • eHealth Week 2010
    The High Level eHealth Conference and World of Health IT (WoHIT); Barcellona 15/18 March 2010
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  • The 2nd Biosupercomputing Symposium
    Tokyo, March 18/19 2010
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  • Pervasive Health 2010
    4th International ICST Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare 2010 22-25 March 2010, Munich, Germany
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  • Translational Regenerative Medicine Forum
    Translational Regenerative Medicine Forum 06.04.2010 - 08.04.2010 in Winston-Salem, USA
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  • 5th EGEE User forum
    The 5th EGEE User forum is a key forum organised by the Enabling Grids for E-science (EGEE project). It will take place next year from 12-16 April, 2010 at Uppsala Univeristy, Sweden.
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  • 8th Med-e-Tel International Telemedicine and eHealth Conference
    The 8th annual Med-e-Tel, international Telemedicine and eHealth conference, is scheduled for 14-16 April 2010 in Luxembourg.
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