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VPHOP workshop at VPH2012

by Martina Contin last modified 2012-08-03 16:18

A dedicated workshop on VPHOP will take place at the VPH2012 conference on Sept 19th, 2012 in London. Join us to discover the VPHOP technologies!

The workshop titled "VPHOP: Multiscale modelling of the skeleton to predict the risk of fracture in osteoporotic elders" aims to present the most important outcomes of the VPHOP Integrated Project.

Taking place towards the end of the project when all of the technologies developed in the project will be up and running, the workshop will offer the possibility to showcase the results of the project, and will suggest the VPH community some general approaches to the multiscale, integrative, personalised modelling of physiological and pathological processes with a relevant mechanobiology component. 

The primary outcome for the workshop is to define the methodological state of the art in musculoskeletal modelling, hopefully inspiring many other research groups to adopt similar approaches. We expect to provide to VPH community with a concrete example of VPH hypermodelling technology, which can be reused in most VPH target applications.

The workshop will also dedicate a presentation session to the early results of the NMS Physiome Project, the international collaboration between VPHOP and the American SIMBIOS (the NIH Center for Physics-based Simulation of Biological Structures) which aims to develop synergies in terms of tools, infrastructures, and research activities related to musculoskeletal predictive medicine.

The VPHOP workshop will last 3 hours starting from 10am on Wednesday 19th of September. In order to participate it is necessary to register to the main conference:

For more information, please see the workshop agenda

  • Marco Viceconti, University of Sheffield: Project overview and primary achievements.
  • Debora Testi, SCS srl: The VPHOP hypermodelling technology. Description and hands-on demonstration.
  • Giordano Valente, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli: NMS Physiome: An integrated modelling environment for subject-specific musculoskeletal dynamics – LhpBuilder and OpenSim
  • Gordon Clapworthy, University of Bedfordshire: Towards automatic muscle volumetric wrapping in inverse dynamics musculoskeletal models.
  • Ralph Müller, ETH Zurich: Predicting disease progression and effect of pharma treatment. 
  • Stephen Ferguson, ETH Zurich: Predicting the reduction of the risk of bone fracture due to interventional treatment. The tissue meso-scale combining patient information with tissue morphology databases.
  • William Taylor, Julius Wolff Institute: Predicting skeletal loading using subject-specific anatomical and functional information.
  • Enrico Schileo, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli: Using a personalised multiscale model to predict the risk of bone fracture in elderly patients: preclinical and clinical validation.
  • Rainer Thiel, Empirica: The socio-economic impact of the VPHOP technology: a preliminary cost-benefit analysis.
  • René Rizzoli, Université de Geneve: The last word: a clinical perspective on the VPHOP technology: strengths and limitations.

We look forward to seeing you in London!

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