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STEP evaluated a success story

by Marco Viceconti last modified 2009-08-23 15:27

The STEP coordination action, which closed on the end of March 2007, was recently evaluated by a panel of independent experts, in accordance with the standard review procedures of the European Commission. The overall assessment was Good to Excellent.

In the final review outcome report the European Commission states: “The STEP, consortium […] often exceeded expectations”. The independent reviewers added that “The project was definitely well managed and the final outcome […] should be, in our opinion, taken as a reference point by all EU commission for FP7 projects in this area”. The reviewers continued noticing that “the technical management has been very efficient, […] coordinating in a short time a complex activity that involved a very large number of stakeholders”, and concluded recommending that “the work done by STEP clearly provides added value and should be continued in an appropriate way”.

There are also some nice words for Biomed Town: “ the Biomed Town portal proved a very efficient communication channel”.

Congratulation to the STEP consortium and to all STEP experts!!