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Exemplar Projects Call 2 VPH NoE - Request for Suggested Topics

by Marco Viceconti last modified 2010-01-04 09:00

VPH Network of Excellence invite all participants to the VPH initiative to propose topics for the forthcoming second call for Exemplar projects to be funded by the VPH NoE.

The VPH Network of Excellence funds Exemplar Projects (EPs) working towards integration amongst VPH researchers, in order to address specific research problems or challenges relevant for the VPH initiative. These projects aim is to provide solid examples of horizontal and vertical model/data integration, which may only be achieved through the integration of disparate knowledge and research infrastructure.

The second Call for VPH NoE Exemplar Project proposals will go out in the end of January 2010, with a submission deadline at the beginning of March.

At the meeting last October of the VPH NoE in Brussels, and in the interest of maximizing the benefit of future Exemplar Projects for VPH ToolKit development, it was decided to specify one or more areas of focus in this and future calls, reflecting the current centering of ToolKit development on long-term sustainability through the definition/development/adoption of a common set of standards (MLs, ontologies, image & signal std formats...) enabling the efficient validation and re-use of models and sharing of models and data.

We thus invite all VPH researchers to submit suggestions for topics that they feel are crucial for the next phase of the ToolKit, giving your reasons in a short paragraph (max. one page) with particular attention to the question of long-term sustainability. The submitted suggestions will serve as the basis for definition of the Second EP call by the EPEC (EP Evaluation Committee, which includes representatives from all NoE core partners). It goes without saying that not all suggestions will be included in the statement of the Call.

Suggestions should be sent to

Your suggestions should be sent to Vanessa Diaz as soon  as possible, but no later than January 12th 2010, since the EPEC will need to be settled on the formulation of the call before the end of January.

Please note that proposals outside the designated areas of focus will also be considered, so if you are planning to submit a proposal you should make sure the topic of the proposal you plan to submit is taken into consideration by the EPEC by submitting it before the deadline.