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VPH Position paper draft open for public comments

by Martina Contin last modified 2010-08-23 10:40

The ARGOS initiative project aims to elaborate a policy brief between Europe and USA on the common methods for responding to global eHealth challenges and is funded by the European Commission / DG RELEX - Relations with the US and Canada.

The overall goal of the ARGOS  eHealth Pilot Project is to contribute to establishing a “Transatlantic Observatory for Meeting Global Health Policy Challenges through ICT-Enabled Solutions” in order to develop and promote “Common Methods for Responding to Global eHealth Challenges in the EU and the US”.

The following specific target areas are to be addressed in the ARGOS project.

- Interoperability in eHealth and Certification of Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs);

Definition of a common, consistent approach and Identification of Indicators and tools for measuring the adoption, usage and cost-benefits of eHealth;

- Modelling and simulation of human physiology and diseases with a focus on the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) and the use of such solutions to support the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.


With respect to the last target area, following a series of consensus events that involved experts from Europe and the United States, a draft position paper was created. This draft paper is now open for public discussion.  This paper, in its final form, will be the basis for a policy brief that will be presented at the next intergovernmental US-EU Transatlantic Summit in 2012. 


Due to the potential strategic importance of this document, we are asking for and we recommend a high level high level of participation from all members of the VPH community in the revision of this draft document.

To download the draft paper and to participate in the discussion forum, you should sign in to the Biomed Town on-line community. The registration is free and open to anyone who has an educational or professional interest in biomedical research.  In case you are not already a member, instructions on how to join can be found here. The draft paper can be downloaded from here.  Anyone can comment or revise by posting comments to this on-line forum. We further recommend that you subscribe to the forum, via this link.

This will allow you to post your comments via email at the address  argos-vph-forum@biomedtown.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and to receive via email all other postings on the forum.  If you plan to do extensive editing, please ask for the Word version of the draft paper via email to Marco Viceconti .

The revised draft resulting from your comments will be discussed during the strategic consensus meeting of the european VPH initiative, and at the US MSM-IMAG group meeting.