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Physiome Project: GIOME

by abandieri last modified 2006-08-09 09:19

GIOME is a non-profit organisation and a completely new concept in gastroenterology based on the Human Physiome Project.

The GIOME  Project is launched by the Center of Excellence in Visceral Biomechanics and Pain facilities integrative modelling of physiological and pathophysiological processes and the sharing of data, ideas and designs generated by gastroenterologists worlwide. The vision and the goal is to improve life for patients with gastrointestinal disorders. The project attempts to model interactions between cells, tissues and gastrointestinal organs in health and disease.

The core activities in Aalborg, Denmark are primarly biomechanical on the macroscale level but projects on the microscale level related to the secretary, absorptive, biochemical, electrophysiological and mechanical function of the GI tract are done in collaboration with expert partners. The GIOME project is a biomedical and bioengineering reserach endeavour. The main projects related to the GIOME are:

  1. 3-D human intestinal model for studying the mechanosensory behaviour
  2. Gastric numerical model for simulating the gastric functional behaviour
  3. Mechanical oesophageal model for oesophageal function study
  4. Lower oesophageal sphincter functional image analysis
  5. Organ and tissue level study in human and animal gastrointestinal tract



Acronym: GIOME

Scope: GI tract physiology and pathophysiology

Location: Europe

Coordinator: Hans Gregersen

Home Page: and

Main Sponsoring institution: Aalborg Hospital, Denmark