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Multiscale visualisation: review of collaborative tools publicly available

by Debora Testi last modified 2012-02-02 18:16

MSV will release by the end of the year an open-source library for the multiscale interactive visualisation of biomedical data. The first step of the shared implementation phase has been to review the tools available in the different communities for the collaborative software implementation. This public documents summarised the best tools identified from different open-source projects. These will be the base for the deployment of the MSV collaborative open-source environment.

The product of this task have been a summary of the best-in-class software infrastructures of other successful collaborative development efforts. Other efforts considered include VTK, ITK, NA-MIC’s Slicer, Osirix, University of Heidelberg’s MITK, BrainLab’s VVLink, MAF, and GIMIAS.

The collaborative software development tools that we anticipate using include the following: CMake for cross-platform building, CDash for regression testing and algorithm validation, Cov for code coverage monitoring, Doxygen for documentation, and wrapping for use from Java, TCL, and Python.

The document can be downloaded here.


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