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by alessandro chiarini last modified 2008-08-25 15:10


Over the years various researchers at the Rizzoli Institute and at the Université Libre de Bruxelles shared some of their data and models with the rest of the research community. These repositories were called "ISB Mesh Repository", "BEL Repository" and "VAKHUM Repository". We have slowly recollected everything inside the Biomed Town community, and you can acess those original collection from here.

When the Physiome Space service will enter its beta phase, we shall upload all these data also there, so to provide a unified repository for all biomechanics data, past and future.

The LHDL public data repository

This warehouse contains data from the Biomechanics European Lab Repository and from the VAKHUM project Data Repository.

These data will be slowly converted and migrated into PHysiome Space, but are kept here in theri original version to provide an hitorical access.

Click on the following Links to access the repositories:

All our data sharing initiatives are now catailsed to the development of the Living Human Project whose resources can be accessed here.