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Instructions to join the LHDL Beta Users Program

by Marco Viceconti last modified 2008-03-27 10:53

The Living Human Digital Library will enter into full operation in 2009. Meanwhile you can apply to join the Beta user program.

The Living Human Digital Library

the scope of LHDL is quite simple: make possible for you to import any biomedical dataset, visualise it, fuse it with any other dataset, and store the resulting data resources on a digital library from which you can share them with who you want, and the conditions you want. This is possible thank to two resources:

  1. LhpBuilder, a client program that let you import, export, visualise, modify and fuse all your data, and then allows you to upload and download data resources from the digital library.
  2. LhpRepository, the web interface to the digital library, which allow you to search, annotate, download, delete, etc. all data resources.

LHDL Beta Users Program

The LHDL Beta User Program (LHDL-BUP) aims to provide a small number of power users early access to the digital library services the LHDL consortium is developing. The beta period is expected to start in the summer 2008, and will continue until LHDL becomes fully operational, in 2009.

The BUP will be activated as soon as the services for access control are enabled; with this feature when you upload a resource on the library you can decide who can download it, and under which conditions.

The participation to the BUP will not involve any cost what so ever; at activation the beta users will have to accept a license agreement that discharge any sort of legal, ethical or financial responsibility from the LHDL consortium. the LHDL consortium can unilaterally decide to impose limitations on the number of users, size of number of the data resources each user can upload, or to the number of transactions per month that are allowed; these limitation would be placed in operation without any obligation of informing the beta users.

When the full LHDL Service will start, beta users will be invited to accept the Service Level Agreement, which might involve also associated costs. If they decline their account will remain active for the next 30 days, to allow them to recover their data; then the account and all data associated to it will be deleted.

How to join the LHDL-BUP

To be enrolled in the Living Human Project and gain access to the Living Human Digital Library repository you should follow these steps:

  • If you're not a Biomed Town citizen yet, you should first apply to join it. Rember to fill the form with your institutional contact information; do not use public email services such as Yahoo or Gmail. A Biomed Town City Manager will approve your application as soon as possible, and you will be informed via email.
  • Once you are a Biomed Town citizen submit your application to join the LHDL Users Group. Your application will be evaluated by the LHDL Building manager, who will contact you to collect additional information, and if eligible, grant you full access.